July 4th for Your Spirit


“The deeper human nature needs to breathe the

precious air of liberty.”  

—Dalai Lama

We’re hard-wired to seek freedom, according to Muriel James. In her book, Perspectives in Transactional Analysis, she writes:

The urge to be free is closely related to the urge to live.  Freedom is the first struggle for life. It starts in the process of birth and the gasping for breath and continues to death . . . . Because of this basic urge, people sense a welling up of desire to break out of confining situations—clothes that are too tight, playpens that are too small, jobs and schools and jails and cultures and personal relationships that are overly restrictive. ‘I want my freedom’ is a personal, individual desire and a universal shout.

My client, Joe, was feeling the pains of this bondage:

Far from being free, Joe lives in the prison called “settling for.” Consequently, he lives a boring, soul-deadening existence. Long ago he deserted himself when he aborted his desires and dreams. Now Joe isn’t where he wants to be, doing what he wants to do. Not surprisingly, in the process of sacrificing his will, Joe lost any zest for life. Today, he’s hollow inside, a mere shell. He’s resigned to living a life that in no way resembles his true self.

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“When we attend to the soul’s need, we experience freedom.”  

—Jean Shinoda Bolen


Names are changed to honor client confidentiality.






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10 responses to “July 4th for Your Spirit

  1. donarmstrong1

    Freedom is never outside until it is inside. Freedom is an inner choice of connection to the dream we have of us and our life.

    • Marty

      Well said, Don. The worst thing that can happen to anyone’s freedom is to let someone convince him or her to give it up willingly. What could be worse than being convinced that entering a prison is a loving thing to do, then shut the door and hand the prisoner the key? All in the name of love.

  2. Wonderful comments! I just said no to teaching a yoga class on Sunday. I am so glad my inner Freedom has progressed to allow me to say No, when needed……:)

  3. Amazing the groundlessness that comes with dropping old patterns and choosing to be free.

  4. Rachel

    Something I wrote: To feel joy, we must walk through the sadness. To feel love, we must walk through fear. To feel peace, we must walk through anxiety. There is no way around the uncomfortable emotions, if we want to be free! There is beauty and comfort in all.

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