After receiving a master’s degree from Kent School of Social Work at the University of Louisville in 1990, I embarked on my career as a clinical social worker.

Freeing people from their psychological cages is my passion and at the core of my work. Thirty years as a therapist has revealed a common thread underlying many of the problems that prompt people to seek help: a caged self—an existence tethered to deeply ingrained patterns of behavior and thinking.

Cages by their very nature confine, reduce, inhibit, limit and create undue suffering.

Social and cultural conditioning, starting at an early age, are the culprits. And they’re often the basis for a buried or suppressed self, agonizing guilt, a depressed spirit and a life filled with dysfunctional relationships. Helping people overcome these and other life-limiting afflictions is the basis of my work with clients and the focus of what I write about.

Sparked by a desire to reach more people, I began writing the weekly newspaper column, Life Changes. Several years ago, that column transitioned online, and here you are!

When I write, I draw upon my sessions with clients—sharing their struggles, triumphs and lessons. I honor their privacy by changing their names and by altering some insignificant details.

I also wrote and illustrated When the Cage Dies, the Bird Lives, published in 2007. My motive was to provide comfort with the message that our bodies are mere cages housing the undying spirit that lies within.

Being out in nature revives me, as does yoga, dancing, gazing at stars and pLAying in the water!

Aside from my degree and professional experience, I’ve been there. Throughout my life, I have been challenged by my own collection of cages. Let’s face it, we all have them. 🙂

I hope by reading my blog you will find ways to attain your long-sought freedom. In other words, discover the keys for unlocking your cage!