I have learned a lot about being human on my many trips around our sun. I have shared those lessons as a psychotherapist, newspaper columnist, author, and seminar presenter.

I received my master’s degree from Kent School of Social Work at the University of Louisville in 1990, although my professional career was actually launched in 1988 when I began working for a youth service organization. After graduating, my private practice grew.  I also established a therapeutic foster care program while training and supervising case managers who worked with troubled adolescents and their families.

Over the years I’ve formed various support groups, among them:  “Wing Sprouters,” designed to free people from self-constraints; “Bouncing Back,” for those suffering major setbacks; and “Better Bonding,” geared for couples.

I’ve also designed and presented seminars on a wide range of topics and created an upbeat parenting class called “Lion Tamers,” aimed at helping parents raise their children.

In 2007, inspiration struck! I wanted to create something that would offer people a different perspective on dying. I wrote and illustrated When the Cage Dies, the Bird Lives, a book aimed at offering solace to people dealing with grief or facing life’s final chapter.

Living in Indiana, I’ve shared life’s adventures with my two sons since early diaper days. (Diapers are an adventure all their own!) We’ve played in the water, gazed at the stars, made fun of each other, and talked endlessly about the meaning of life—and still do. Amid life’s trials, we’ve learned from each other. Being out in nature revives me, as does yoga, hiking, and painting with watercolor. A recent thrill of mine is playing laser tag with my grandkids. They keep me reminded of life’s wisest priorities: live in the moment






Aside from my degree and professional experience, I’ve been there. A little slice of me is in every topic and each person I’ve ever written about. Let’s face it, life is a series of hurdles; sometimes we hit the ground—splat!—but at other times we triumph. I hope you find the insights shared on my blog not just entertaining, but enlightening as well. Thanks for joining me!