I currently see clients at my office in Fort Wayne and Columbia City, Indiana.

“I view each of us as agents of our own
change and transformation.”

My Approach
Personal freedom is at the core of my work. I’ve noticed a common thread underlying the problems that often prompt people to seek therapy—a constrained or suppressed self. So I hope my sessions give people pause from the daily circus, a chance to go inside and take a look around, and then re-emerge with a keen sense of who they really are. Then I want them to leave my office primed to leap over obstacles.

In each session, something unplanned and creative occurs—the result of a dynamic interplay between therapist and client. I see it as free-form art. Clients show up with their box of paints and I show up with mine. Who knows what we’ll end up creating? It’s exciting! I never know where a session will lead—what might be pulled out of me and what will be pulled out of them…. It just happens.

I work with:

Couples . . .
couple railroad

“I like showing couples how to improve their lives together, navigate the rough spots, and bring fresh warmth and intimacy into their relationship.”

Too frequently, couples act like they’re on opposing teams. My objective is to help them unite as players on the same team, so that they’re no longer sabotaging the togetherness and joy they both seek.


Families . . .

old family

Family should be a refuge from the storm, not the storm itself. Sadly, many families fall into the latter category.

In family sessions, parents and children learn how to communicate, how to listen, how to prevent hostility, how to resolve problems, and how to function as a team, while genuinely valuing each others’ differences.

Parenting is probably the toughest job on the planet, and yet the one we’re often least prepared for. In certain ways, it’s a horrendous balancing act. How can parents stand firmly at the helm—set limits, enforce rules, enact discipline—without alienating their children or squelching their spirits? Together, parents and I explore ways to make that happen. Parents also learn ways of teaching basic life skills; how to instill self-reliance, confidence and a vital sense of self-worth.

And all the other people!


Common problems we all face

Challenging Circumstances
We all know what it’s like when life throws us a curve ball. Job loss, death of a loved one, an empty nest, relationship breakups, and getting older . . . these are just a few of the circumstances that can rattle our world.

Depression, Feelings of Worthlessness, Guilt  . . .

Experiencing these feelings occasionally is a normal part of life. It becomes a problem when they begin to dominate our existence, robbing us of our happiness. We can learn how to free ourselves from situations and thought patterns that could be contributing to those negative feelings.

Stress and Anxiety

Using relaxation and meditation exercises, I help my clients access their space of inner calm and strength. While doing so they often discover the mental barriers that keep them from enjoying a peace-filled life.