The Latest Wow: What a smart man knows

Here’s another nugget from a male client that I just had to share with you. At first I couldn’t believe my ears, but that’s what he really said!

“A smart man knows when to allow himself to be manipulated by a woman. This is quite apart from giving in. Whereas, the weak man doesn’t have any choice but to be manipulated.”

I’d love your thoughts on this—both men and women!


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2 responses to “The Latest Wow: What a smart man knows

  1. I would agree that the “weak” (or obtuse) man woudn’t have any choice but to be manipulated, but why would a smart man “allow” himself to be manipulated? Any manipulation is a game, a hiding from honesty . . . I would rather say a smart man sees the manipulation, but then kindly teases out the truth from their partner in the hope that some day neither find manipulation either necessary or desirable.

  2. I quit being manipulated when they said it would be done in a no-smoking zone. First, I had to ask for permission to be dismissed… Then, I couldn’t find my cigarettes. It was a mess…

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