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Brain Fog

brain fog

Hey, studies are substantiating that there’s a strong connection between the food we eat and the way we feel mentally—our mood!

Psychologist Dr. Lynn Johnson, author of Enjoy Life! Healing with Happiness, wrote an excellent piece about this on his blog here.

I couldn’t agree more. Personally, I know how I feel just minutes after eating a donut for breakfast. It’s not good. Ask anyone around me. (No. Don’t!) On the frank side, I get edgy, unfocused, dumber and drained of energy. Mark Hyman, M.D., in The UltraMind Solution, calls it “brain fog.”

As a therapist, I see the correlation between food and mood particularly among teens. My first advice to a depressed teen is to eat better. Typically, they don’t like hearing that, but it’s worth a try. And when they do, they usually report feeling better.

Have you noticed any connection yourself between what you eat and how you feel?


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Get in Touch with Your Inner Teenager

Let’s face it, there’s something  about our teenage spirit we miss. Yes, back then we were reckless–even stupid at times, but there was something horrendously precious about it, too. Call  it our free spirit, our drive, our passion.

How  do we recover  that spirit? Maybe the answer lies in recovering that which we abandoned amid life’s  assortment of manifold compromises, expectations, and superficial  preoccupations. I surmise we abandoned what deeply gratifies us.

In 2009, I  wrote a column about this. This is how it starts out:

Get in touch with your inner teenager and rebel against mindless  conformity! How much joy is sacrificed because we  walk  around on auto-pilot,  enduring a boring existence? Instead of steering our own course, many of us tend to follow the herd–sometimes right over  the cliff.

That’s what happened to Drake’s brother Clay … continue reading

How have you gotten in touch with your inner teenager lately?


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The Latest Wow: Teenage Daughters Trigger Psychosis in Their Mothers

I know this is true, not because I had daughters–I had sons–but because I had a mother, and I know what I did to her.  She vented about it regularly.

Well, now that I’m a therapist, I hear other mothers vent.  Just like my mother, I’m certain they can’t help themselves.  They must vent.  Maybe it slows down the looming psychosis . . . who knows?

What I do is listen, give advice, and soooooo understand.  One particular mother comes to mind. I’ll call her Tina.  She wasn’t concerned about impending psychosis.  No, her worry was about aging.  “See these gray hairs?” she said. “My daughter is making this happen to me!  She’s not aging . . . I am!”

I was already rolling on the floor, but she wowed me with this one:

Salee, I want to stay young enough to enjoy old age.

So, how do you avoid getting gray hairs from your kids?


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