Get in Touch with Your Inner Teenager

Let’s face it, there’s something  about our teenage spirit we miss. Yes, back then we were reckless–even stupid at times, but there was something horrendously precious about it, too. Call  it our free spirit, our drive, our passion.

How  do we recover  that spirit? Maybe the answer lies in recovering that which we abandoned amid life’s  assortment of manifold compromises, expectations, and superficial  preoccupations. I surmise we abandoned what deeply gratifies us.

In 2009, I  wrote a column about this. This is how it starts out:

Get in touch with your inner teenager and rebel against mindless  conformity! How much joy is sacrificed because we  walk  around on auto-pilot,  enduring a boring existence? Instead of steering our own course, many of us tend to follow the herd–sometimes right over  the cliff.

That’s what happened to Drake’s brother Clay … continue reading

How have you gotten in touch with your inner teenager lately?


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3 responses to “Get in Touch with Your Inner Teenager

  1. Being as I’m 70 and at the age where I may break something with my teenager and those kinds of activities, I’m going to start out getting in touch with my middle aged person and work down. I think 60 is a good place to start…

  2. You mean “giggling” don’t you? Folks don’t learn to laugh until they’re in their mid-twenties…

    I went to 60 yesterday and my wife wants me to go back to 70. Said she didn’t get any sleep… She suggested I channel my 80-year-old…

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