Freeze the Moment?

Colorful ocean beach sunrise with deep blue sky and sun rays.


Like most people, I love taking in the spectacular view on an ocean beach.  And one of its finest performances occurs at sunrise when the world awakens with a stunning display of rich pastels. I just want to freeze that moment.

I experienced that desire not long ago while walking along a beach in the early morning hours. I didn’t want to see the beauty fade—I wanted to hold onto the moment. Well . . . that’s not going to happen. Change is an inevitable fact of life. Within twenty or thirty minutes the  colors had vanished and the beach looked rather bland in comparison.

I felt some grief.

Hmmm, I wondered. Why the grief? I came to see that it had to do with fixating on something that was now located in the past. I felt a loss. Change was my enemy for a while that morning.

But then I realized something. While I was busy missing and grieving the sunrise, the beach was gearing up to show off another form of beauty . . . and I needed to be there for it.

Remaining fixated on what used to be causes to us to under-appreciate and overlook the gifts offered in the present moment.

It blunts that 00000h-what’s-coming-next childlike excitement!

Life keeps pointing out to me a vital truth:

Control is an illusion, and when I just let go and let life happen, the universe dumps a huge load of peace on me.

We can’t wish for a world that stands still. We would miss too much! So . . . as for freezing the moment, that’s what cameras are for. 🙂

(c) 2016 Salee Reese


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6 responses to “Freeze the Moment?

  1. Rachel

    OOOOh I can’t wait for what’s next in my life, and today. 😊 This is a great thought upon awaking, and then observe all the miracles that happen throughout the day. Thanks for sharing some great vital truths.

  2. Love the article, Love the quotes!

  3. Sapphire Writer

    Wow, I can so relate to this. I often want to freeze moments, especially when the sun sparkles on a particular shade of blue ocean. Love the insight you revealed with this post. Great way of looking at it.

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