Missing Sasha


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Sadly, Carrie’s four legged friend passed away.

When she told me about it a day later, she struggled hard to fight back the tears. She was surprised to be so affected. After all, it was just a dog, right? Wrong. Psychological experts are increasingly acknowledging the importance of pets in our lives. Indeed, they provide companionship, loyalty and even love—all qualities of a true friend.

To move through the grief, I suggested that she write a letter to her furry pal. She did, and I was so moved by what I read, I urged her to let me publish it. I explained how it could help many, many people who have suffered the same loss. What’s more, that single letter described so perfectly the special bond between humans and pets.

She agreed to having it published. Here it is:

Dear Sasha,

I miss you!!! I am writing this letter to let you know how much you have meant to me. You have only been gone for a little over 24 hours and I miss you everywhere. I miss you at your dog bowl and at your bed in the closet. I miss you at the top of the stairs barking because you were no longer capable of making the long journey down. I miss you licking your paws endlessly and begging for the crust from our pizza on Sunday nights.

But most of all I miss you by my side. You have always been there when I was sick. You never left my side for days when I was down and out.

You were such an inspiration to me. Loyal till the end!

You were the smartest dog I’ve ever known.

You made us laugh so many times. Thank you for that. You will be missed by all.

I miss you so much.

Your jealousy of Amy [Carrie’s daughter] has always made us giggle. Seven pounds of dog trying to wedge in between us lying on the bed.

As I write this letter to you, I am realizing how much you made us all smile. In today’s world, you don’t always get a lot of that. Did I mention I miss you?!!?

Thank you for being my best friend. Sometimes I feel bad for saying that because most people consider their best friend to be a girlfriend, mother or spouse. (Humans!!!) My criteria for best friend is: faithfulness, understanding, loving, being accepting, never judging, taking care of my needs, listening to my problems. Yes, you meet all the qualifications of a best friend. I hope I was the same for you, because you gave me such great joy.

As I sit here and write to you, I feel as though I’m 10 years old. Not only were you my friend, but you were everything to me that my parents weren’t.

With you, I never felt alone—never felt judged. You were always on my side, always protecting me, and always standing up for me.

Did I mention I love you??? It’s lonely here without you. Some day there may be another dog in our home but he or she will never, ever replace you. I love you with all my heart.

Until we meet again!  I wish you Godspeed.

Love you forever.   ~ Mom

If reading this brought a tear to your eye like it did mine, good for you. 🙂

I welcome your thoughts!

Names are changed to honor client confidentiality.

(c) 2007 Salee Reese


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6 responses to “Missing Sasha

  1. What a beautiful letter, thank you for sharing. I have experienced the same loss nearly 14 years ago and still feel that joy as well as a few tears. The relationship I had with my four legged friend, at my side, on my lap, in my arms, on my feet, in the car and following my every move was the most beautiful, gentle and kind gift I could have asked for. While we were moving 5 years after she passed away, I discovered a hidden treasure behind a cabinet, her small chew bone. I sat for a while and experienced all the warmth from my friend, which couldn’t have come at a better time during such an emotional task of moving. With all the good byes and sadness I was experiencing with each of them, I felt a familiar hello that was like a breath of fresh air and with that came the courage to finish the move with much less stress and sadness, just as she nurtured me while she was on this earth, her spirit continued to see me through a difficult time.

  2. Don

    I instantly connected with our dog Brownie. He was a guard dog when we were not home. As kids, we rode bicycles everywhere and he was always with us. He looked both ways when crossing a road, and he seemed to know (before we did) that a car was coming and promptly direct us off the road. Mom never worried when he was with us because she knew he would protect us. When a stranger came to our house, he would plant his body between mom and the door. He would even pick up our pet rabbit by the nape of the neck and gently bring it back into the yard. But at the same time, he was an aggressive hunter of wild life.

    Brownie remains part of my ancestry and a valued member of our family.

  3. Great post Salee, I am sharing this for friends who have lost pets recently.

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