My Journey as Mom


The other day I realized something: When my two sons were young, I thought everything they did was cute. Well . . . almost everything. Now they think everything I do is cute. How do I know that? Because they let me know. Without warning, one of them will say, “Oh, mom, that’s so cute.” I’m not sure how to take it. I’m stumped.

I realized something else, too. The only difference between then and now is I took pictures of them being cute. They don’t take pictures of me being “cute.” What’s up with that?

Hmmm . . . parenthood. Gotta love it.  Click here to read about another one of my ah-ha moments on that crazy ride called motherhood.


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7 responses to “My Journey as Mom

  1. Rachel

    Beautiful article!! Absolutely, beautiful!….You are cute! 🙂

  2. Alissa Wilbanks

    I can understand the kids point of view of thinking my mother is cute. I think as an adult I appreciate and love my mom so much more than I did when I was younger. When she does something that is just totally “her” and silly, it’s cute. It’s just another way to say ” I love you for who you are”

  3. Jennifer

    LOVE this, Salee!! It is true, you are cute. It is also true that as kids grow up they begin to understand a few important facts. One, their parents were, at one time, NOT their parents and actually started out as babies and experienced life. (Crazy, I know!!!) And, two, with age comes an appreciation for the “person” they call mom or dad. And because the pressure of raising their kids is over, I think the reverse is true. Parents can enjoy them, as well.
    It’s a strange thing when you begin to feel all adult-like with your parent but it’s such fun to tease and love on them. So keep on dishing out all that cuteness! I’ll grab the camera. 😉

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