The Latest Wow: How to Save a Sinking Ship

healthy ship

“I just learned that the human brain isn’t fully formed until the age of 24.  I got married at 20 so, therefore, I wasn’t in my right mind.”

This little gem—which activated my uncontrollable-laughter-impulse—fell straight from the lips of Anna, a client experiencing a bit of disillusionment in her marriage. Not at all unfamiliar territory for those of us trying to make a marriage or partnership work. We can so relate. 🙂

Peggy is another client who came to me for help in figuring out how to effectively cope with her own brand of disillusionment—living with a man who perpetually sees every glass as half empty . . . tempting Peggy to throw said glass against the wall.  Click here to read my advice to her . . . .

Names are changed to honor client confidentiality.



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6 responses to “The Latest Wow: How to Save a Sinking Ship

  1. donarmstrong1

    I have two thoughts:
    First: The gift of their relationship is they are both offered the opportunity to look at themselves.
    Second: Fixing the other person has never worked for me.

  2. Fantastic article!!!!! The real change takes years.

  3. It definitely takes two people here to makes this work. Asking another to look for the flaws within themselves is like asking for a loaded gun. Standing up to a negative person who beats you down is a very difficult thing to do. You find yourself second guessing yourself and end up feeling like it’s all your fault after the negative person twists it all around as he is passing the ball back to you. Unfortunately sometimes it takes an action to finally give the wake up call to the other. Unfortunately for some involved it may be too late to pull that ship wreckage from the bottom of the sea.

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