The Latest Wow: Free to Change

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I’m driven to share something!

I received some thought-provoking feedback on my last post (Secret to a Good Life(check out the comment section, too). Some people responded online while others shared their thoughts in person. Jerri’s friend, Mike, had another insightful comment:

“If my expectations of another person are unrealistic then I’m the problem. And thank God! That’s because if anyone else is the problem, I can never do anything about it. I will never be able to control anyone but myself. Whenever I acknowledge I’m the problem, I’m giving myself the power to change.”

Thanks for checking in! Till next time.  Salee


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2 responses to “The Latest Wow: Free to Change

  1. Patti

    Why is this such a hard thing for us to get our head around? I specifically recall one difficult person who would always be able to frustrate me to no end. Why did I repeatedly expect him to respond like a reasonable person, then get mad as a hornet when he was unreasonable?!? Whenever I had to deal with him, I began to remind myself, ‘Patti, stop expecting the dog to go “meow.” You know what he is. He’s gonna “woof.” Be prepared.’ Somehow that simple reminder helps me get my head on straight before entering the ring with him. Uh oh, that reminds me of that stupid viral video, “What Does the Fox Say?” Guess I’m gonna have that bouncing around my brain for a few hours now 😛

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