A Boy Needs His Dad

dad and baby hands incl copyright

From the moment a boy separates from his mother’s placenta, the journey with his father begins. It’s a connection as vitally important to his growth—from an infant to a man—as the umbilical cord has been to his development.  Continue . . .

We can forget just how vitally important fathers are in the lives of their children.  Today I want to share about fathers and sons; on Sunday I’ll talk about dads and daughters.  


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2 responses to “A Boy Needs His Dad

  1. I wonder if more dads understood why they are so important to their children, would they be more committed to raising them? I think fathers find it easy to believe they aren’t needed.

    • Thanks for your comment D’Anne.
      You may be right about that, however in my experience as a counselor I’ve discovered that there are a great many men who are deeply bonded to their children but struggle with how to express it.


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