Spoiled for Life

kid in jail straightened

Jail time is a common occurrence for John. Why is that? He has a nasty habit of picking fights and throwing fits when he doesn’t get his way. Even in jail, if people don’t cater to John’s demands, he resorts to threatening and hostile behavior.

John’s behavior hasn’t changed much since he was a small child. That’s because his blustery, bullying temper tantrums weren’t nipped in the bud before he became an adult. Instead, such displays were rewarded—he got his way. Unsurprisingly, he still expects the world to bend to his every whim.

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There are many stories like John’s—please share yours. Or if you have questions or comments, feel free.


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2 responses to “Spoiled for Life

  1. Alissa

    I think there is a middle ground with children Being a new mother I am still figuring it out and I might not ever totally get it. There needs to be rules and restrictions in every home. Children need structure and regularity. That being said they also need to be treated like humans. They need to feel security, comfort, and love. I think parents/people have the tendency to forget that children are people too. When they are upset they need someone to listen, and when they don’t get it they need an explanation. This doesn’t mean that you have to give them what they want. I’m sure John’s mother really loved him, she just went about it the wrong way.

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