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Flying Sunglasses

fish jumping out of water

Thomas Moore, the presenter for Psychotherapy, Spirituality and the Soul, a five-day seminar I attended recently, had this to say:

“In an ordinary situation, larger things may be occurring.”

He was referring to those mysterious happenings that lack any rational explanation. At those times, the intellect is left in a state of confusion. Moore says that’s precisely where we need to be—confused because such occurrences rattle our preconceptions and thus open the pathways for new insight and meaning.

I want to share a personal experience. I was in the loft of my condo preparing to  go somewhere. Having an armload to carry down, I decided to make it easier by tossing my sunglasses—protected securely in their case—over the railing in the hope it would  land on the sofa below.

The case appeared to be headed for a safe landing when suddenly it took a detour and struck the frame in  the middle of the window located just  behind the sofa. What happened next defied all reason! Upon impact, the case snapped open and the glasses flew out and traveled sideways to the edge of the window, meeting up with the cord  of the blinds. The two engaged in a graceful dance of entwinement, ending with the glasses safely snagged in the cord.

The mystery of what had just happened captured me—taking me to a place of silence inside. For the longest time, I stood transfixed, gazing at the glasses hanging securely by the cord. When I finally reached out to retrieve them, I was amazed to discover that the cord had neatly wrapped itself  around the glasses three times.

This experience verified for me what Thomas Moore was talking about when he said: “In an ordinary situation, larger things may be occurring.”

Moore’s consistent message throughout the seminar was  to get good at listening to deeper meanings. He urged us to reflect on what our soul is telling us in our dreams, our imagination and in the multitude of symbols that sit subtly in the fabric of  everyday living.

Whether in a dream or awake, a hat isn’t just a hat, a car accident isn’t just a car accident, and a fish jumping out of the water isn’t just a fish jumping out of the water. Such things are pregnant with insights unique to each individual.

For me, the sunglasses occurrence spoke loudly about control. My tendency is to believe that I have to make things happen—that I have to direct my life. That belief was challenged by that ordinary but significant situation. The symbolism, for me, was profound. What I learned?

Miraculous things happen when we give up control. They’re freed up to happen.

I invite you to share how an event or a dream made a significant impact on you.

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