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The Latest Wow: More Beautiful Than Leaves


A friend of mine, Patti, who helps me with my tech challenges, wowed me with something that caused me—without any reservation—to demand that she write it up for my blog. She did just that and here it is:

I was gazing out my kitchen window the other day, captivated by the beauty of the changing leaves in my backyard. For some reason, I was struck by this question: Why do we see the changes in these leaves as they near their demise, and say, “Beautiful! Gorgeous! Breathtaking!” yet when humans change as they age and approach their “end” on this earth, those changes are perceived as ‘ugly’? So ugly, in fact, that we go to extreme measures to erase them, bleach them, surgically remove them, inject poison in them, etc. Why can’t we see those changes as just as “beautiful” as those changes in the leaves? In fact, I propose that we see them as even more beautiful, because aren’t we more beautiful than leaves? Aren’t we more precious than leaves?

After mulling over Patti’s insight, I had a thought. One of the gifts of the aging process is a lesson about beauty. Our discernment of beauty changes over the years from what our eyes see to what our heart sees.  On second thought, I think babies have this mastered. They don’t even notice age. Maybe, as we grow older we go back to viewing people through the eyes of a baby—purely.


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The Latest Wow: Teenage Daughters Trigger Psychosis in Their Mothers

I know this is true, not because I had daughters–I had sons–but because I had a mother, and I know what I did to her.  She vented about it regularly.

Well, now that I’m a therapist, I hear other mothers vent.  Just like my mother, I’m certain they can’t help themselves.  They must vent.  Maybe it slows down the looming psychosis . . . who knows?

What I do is listen, give advice, and soooooo understand.  One particular mother comes to mind. I’ll call her Tina.  She wasn’t concerned about impending psychosis.  No, her worry was about aging.  “See these gray hairs?” she said. “My daughter is making this happen to me!  She’s not aging . . . I am!”

I was already rolling on the floor, but she wowed me with this one:

Salee, I want to stay young enough to enjoy old age.

So, how do you avoid getting gray hairs from your kids?


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